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Cas HDI Hybrid HB HDI 48x66cm

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13 / 08 / 2023
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Rp. 3.500.000
Timbangan Digital / Weighing Scale : Jembatan Timbang, Conveyor Belt Scale, Bagging Scale, Batching Scale, AMP Scale, Batching Plant Scale, Floor Scale, Bench Scale, Timbangan Hewan, Timbangan Sapi, Timbangan Emas, Hand Pallet Scale, Pocket Scale, Loadcell, Waterproof Scale. Best Brand From : USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA.

Detail Cas HDI Hybrid HB HDI 48x66cm

Timbangan Digital
Timbangan HYBRID HDI uk 48 x 66cm cap 500kg/0.2kg

Merk : CAS
Type : HDI
CAPPACITY : 500kg/0.2kg
SIZE PLAT FORM : 48 x 66 cm

High-Resolution weighing (1/1500~1/30000)
counting & percent mode support
Easy operation with 9 funtions keys
Rechargeable battery

Counting & percent mode supported
1/15000 high-resolution and a more accurate counting,percentage modes are supported.
Check weighing functions
(Hi/ok/Lo is seperately displayed),weight and counting,percent mode are variable.
Easy operation with 9 function keys
Various function keyss offer easy operation.
Rechargeable battery
The rechargeable battery increases portability and allows Hdi to be used in environment where little or no power is available.
(Charging time: 12 hours / battery life :80 hours)

-cappacity :150kg, 300kg, 500kg, 600kg
-Readability(e=d): 0,1kg,0,1kg, 0,2kg, 0,2kg
-Resolution: 1/3,000
-Display indicator : stability, center of zero,Gross,Net,Battery status,hi-ok-Lo,units

-Hi-lo check indicators : display with alert beeper
-weight units: kg,lb
-zero Range : 2%
-Tare Range : full capacity by subtraction
-operation temperature: 0c~ 40C / 32f~ 104f
-humidity Range: 90% Relative humidity,non,condesing
Power:Ac adaptor 12v/800mA internal Rechargeable sealed acid battery
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