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  • Load Cell ZEMIC H8C kapasitas 250kg

Load Cell ZEMIC H8C Kapasitas 250kg

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07 / 06 / 2024
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1 Unit


Rp. 1.105.000
Timbangan Digital / Weighing Scale : Jembatan Timbang, Conveyor Belt Scale, Bagging Scale, Batching Scale, AMP Scale, Batching Plant Scale, Floor Scale, Bench Scale, Timbangan Hewan, Timbangan Sapi, Timbangan Emas, Hand Pallet Scale, Pocket Scale, Loadcell, Waterproof Scale. Best Brand From : USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA.

Detail Load Cell ZEMIC H8C Kapasitas 250kg

ZEMIC - Load Cell H8C cap 250kg

Merk Zemic
Type H8C
Cappacity 250 kg
Warranty 1years
Made in China

WA 57
Features Zemic load cell H8C
- Nikel plated alloy steel IP67shear beam
- Adhesive sealed
- Suitable platform weighing, bed weighing, etc.
- C3, C4, C5 OIML approval
- Alloy steel nickel plated
- IP67 protection class
- Adhesive sealed
- High accuracy
- high reliability
- Current calibrated (sc-option)

- The Zemic Europe load cell H8C will now cover one of the widest weighing ranges in multiple market segments, from medical to agricultural industry and from bed weighing to balances and scales applications.

ATEX classification is optional. Complete series of mounting accessories are also available

Examples for weighing assembly
- Alloy steel IP67 beam load cell
- Suitable for platform weighing, bed weighing, etc.
- High accuracy, high reliability
- OIML C5, Atex, NTEP
Load Cell
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