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Timbangan CAS CL-5500 D/DG100

Update Terakhir
19 / 08 / 2023
Min. Pembelian
1 Unit


Rp. 30.000.000
Timbangan Digital / Weighing Scale : Jembatan Timbang, Conveyor Belt Scale, Bagging Scale, Batching Scale, AMP Scale, Batching Plant Scale, Floor Scale, Bench Scale, Timbangan Hewan, Timbangan Sapi, Timbangan Emas, Hand Pallet Scale, Pocket Scale, Loadcell, Waterproof Scale. Best Brand From : USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA.

Detail Timbangan CAS CL-5500 D/DG100

Timbangan Digital
Label printing bench scale
* Full graphic LCD, 72 direct PLU keys,
* High speed label print out 100mm/sec
* Input/Output : RS-232, PS2, Cash drawer, USB, ethernet
* 45 pre-label format, 20 free label format 300kg/500kg
* Periodic sales report: Hour daily,weekly,monthly,yearly
* categories report: department,group,scale,PLU,operator Option : Upgrade memory to 4MB (10000PLU), wireless bridge card, CL-Works, Dust protection cover
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