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Timbangan Digital GSC Indikator Type INS-2015

Update Terakhir
10 / 07 / 2023
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1 Unit


Rp. 10.000.000
Timbangan Digital / Weighing Scale : Jembatan Timbang, Conveyor Belt Scale, Bagging Scale, Batching Scale, AMP Scale, Batching Plant Scale, Floor Scale, Bench Scale, Timbangan Hewan, Timbangan Sapi, Timbangan Emas, Hand Pallet Scale, Pocket Scale, Loadcell, Waterproof Scale. Best Brand From : USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA.

Detail Timbangan Digital GSC Indikator Type INS-2015

CV. AVODAMITRA INDOTECH menyediakan segala kebutuhan Anda seputar Timbangan Digital, Digital Indicator, Digital Load Cell.
Berikut mengenai detail spesifikasi Timbangan Digital yang kami sediakan :

Timbangan Digital GSC Indikator Type INS-2015
Indicator Timbangan GSC INS-2015

Fitur :

High speed processor and build-in clock.
Black coated steel case.
Build-in printer for receipt & daily.
Build in micro printer.
AC/DC power supply with build in rechargeable 12V/8Ah battery.
Alphanumeric key board.
Internal resolution 1.000.000 counts, display resolution 1/30.000.
Analog and digital filtering.
Surge load cell protection.
Motion detection & autozero tracking.
Print name of material , Name of company, etc.
Load cell excitation for 8 loadcells of 350 each.
Truck memory : 1.000 trucks.
Build-in printer can printout time/ date / year, weigh-in/out & net weights ( Gross, Tare & Net weights).
6 digits super bright red display shows current weight, LCD display with backlight shows time/ date/ year, weight in/out & net weights.

Spesifikasi :
Display, Front panel : 6 digit red LED = Current weight. 20x1 VFD= Company name, code name, ect.
Display item : weight 6 digits, weight no. 5 digits, truck no 10 digits, date 5 digits, code 5 digits.
Printer & paper
Format : Direct termal line printing, alphabet/digit/symbol
Paper widht 57mm, printing speed : 30mm/sec.
2 RS-232 ports connected to PC and external display.
Dimension : 220mm (L) x 200mm (H), x 60mm (W).

Indicator Timbangan GSC INS-2015
Timbangan Digital
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