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Weighing Indicator CAS CI-502A

Update Terakhir
14 / 07 / 2023
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1 Unit


Rp. 13.000.000
Timbangan Digital / Weighing Scale : Jembatan Timbang, Conveyor Belt Scale, Bagging Scale, Batching Scale, AMP Scale, Batching Plant Scale, Floor Scale, Bench Scale, Timbangan Hewan, Timbangan Sapi, Timbangan Emas, Hand Pallet Scale, Pocket Scale, Loadcell, Waterproof Scale. Best Brand From : USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA.

Detail Weighing Indicator CAS CI-502A

CV. AVODAMITRA INDOTECH menyediakan segala kebutuhan Anda seputar Timbangan Digital, Digital Indicator, Digital Load Cell.
Berikut mengenai detail spesifikasi Timbangan Digital yang kami sediakan :

Weighing Indicator CAS CI-502A

CAS Indicator CI-502A

Merk : CAS
Type : CI-502A
Warranty : 2 yaers

Features :
- high precision, high resolution indicator
- Easy operation with ten key
- High visibility, large FND display (20mm)
- High speed od A/D conversion functions
- Simple calibration (FULL DIGITAL CALIBRATION)
- Various spesification of weight conversion speed (Digital Filter)
- Built-in selft test & self recovery functions
- Saving of data at sudden power failure
- Various printer connection (serial, Centronics parallel)
- 4 wire, 6 wire load cell support (8 load cells connection)
- Independent Zero & span calobration
- Self hardware test
- Basic interface : Rs-232C, Current loop
- External input : 4 Relays
- External output : 6 Relays (CI-502A/505A/507A)

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